In today’s technology driven environment, priority is to maintain a high quality & reliable electrical power supply. It has been estimated that more than 35% of the power currently being drawn from the utility companies is now leading for sensitive equipment’s. With the generalised use of microelectronic based equipment’s, PCs and other susceptible devices the subject of power quality - harmonics, rapid voltage changes, transients etc. and its relationship with vulnerability of high-tech facilities is becoming an increasing concern.

We at Sea Shell with profound knowledge, competence and experience in wide range of systems and facilities, help you solve power quality issues and provide suitable recommendations and solutions.


On-site Power Quality Data Logging and Harmonic Analysis - Measurement of electrical parameters including voltage, current, power, harmonics, transients, rapid voltage changes, inrush currents etc.

Investigation and troubleshooting of electrical systems- Investigation of electrical problems like nuisance tripping of protection devices and premature failure of electrical equipment’s like lighting ballasts, capacitor banks etc. caused due to power quality and harmonic issues.

Software simulation studies- Simulation of electrical networks and systems and carrying out of load flow, harmonic penetration and protection co-ordination studies.



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